Screens on Galaxy Z Fold 3 crack after warranty expires

After warranty expires, Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 screens crack for no reason. Apparently, some Samsung Galaxy Fold 3 users are experiencing cracks in their foldable displays. Even worse, the damage occurs after the warranty has expired without any trauma or impact on the device. Due to the fact that the phone is out of warranty, there is not much that can be done.

Screens on Galaxy Z Fold 3 crack after warranty expiresA repair of the display costs $800. That’s 73% of the original cost of the phone to fix something she didn’t break. Several Galaxy Z Fold 3 owners have experienced the same thing. Last month, a Reddit user reported that after 15 months of “careful ownership”, the internal screen on his Galaxy Z Fold 3 also cracked along the vertical axis.

As another Redditor said, “Any advice would be greatly appreciated. I took my phone off the charging device, unfolded it, and it split right down the middle. It’s only 3 months old and has never been dropped, but I contacted Samsung who said there was no physical damage, but now the repairer informed me there is an impact point and dead pixels, and I have to pay $700.”