Proventus Bioscience Breaks Ground on Its New Production Facility and Expansion of Its Laboratories and Fermentation Plant

Proventus Bioscience continues to be a leading innovator and producer of bio-based products that improve crop yields, shorten growing periods, and create healthier, more resilient soils for organic farmers, greenhouse growers and mainstream production farmers. Its impact has been recognized globally.

MONTREAL, QC / ACCESSWIRE / June 13, 2023 / Proventus Bioscience, a biotech company that produces sustainable biological microorganisms for use by various industries, announced the start of construction of its new 20,000-square-foot production plant and corporate headquarters at 4455 Griffith St., Saint-Laurent, QC.

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Proventus’ new 20,000-square foot facility is designed to be compliant with current Good Manufacturing Practices (camps) required by the food industry that include bio-infused products for probiotics, agriculture formulations, and treatments for waste management and pollution control. GMP was first developed by the World Health Organization in 1968 and has since evolved and expanded, with 100 countries adopting the provisions in their own requirements.

Speaking at the company’s official announcement, the founders of Proventus, Mr. Vincent Delorenzo and Peter Bozel, commented on the company’s incredible growth over the last seven years as proof that the company’s technology is widely accepted by the industry. The demand for Proventus’ products is what propelled this incredible expansion:

“The inauguration of this facility will take place sometime in August and will give Proventus a launching pad from [which to] introduce novel first-in-class sustainable microbial formulations that can be used for a wide spectrum of industries and add many new novel products such as biostimulants and bio-protectants for use in agriculture and remediation of polluted soils.

“Our plans and pipeline for new products are ambitious but attainable because our technology solution is unique in the remediation of polluted waters and soils and for enhancement of biorational agricultural production practices by developing biologicals as compliments or replacement for chemical fertilizers and plant protectants. Its efficacy is being [proven daily] in farmers’ fields and in tests conducted in laboratories and greenhouses at respected research institutions throughout Canada.

“Proventus’ core technology is in constant development. We have acquired the most up-to-date fermentation equipment, solid-state fermenters, high-capacity freeze dryers and methods to formulate and stabilize viruses, bacteria, and fungi for optimal activity under all environmental conditions.”

Internationally recognized plant scientist Dr. George Lazarovits heads the Proventus Scientific Advisory Board.

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About Proventus Bioscience Inc.
Proventus Bioscience Inc., based in Montreal, is a biotech company that develops sustainable biological products for the management of polluted environments and for use in sustainable agriculture. It has pioneered many other products with eco-positive solutions and continues to develop new innovations as a response to market changes on its own as well as with major partnerships.

Proventus Bioscience would like to take this opportunity to thank the Economic Development Agency of Canada for the Regions of Quebec for its financial support. REGI is a national funding program that supports the economic growth of businesses and regions through innovation.

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